Sarana Pelangi Agen Judi Domino QQ, Bandar Poker Dan Bandar Qiu Qiu 99 Terpercaya Seasia - Travel assistance insurance | All about insuranceAll about insuranceTravel assistance insurance. Travel assistance insurance jump in foreign countries during disasters and emergencies.They circled over Windhoek in Namibia and were amazed that they suddenly headed for the airport from which they had just started. “On the ground, the pilot announced that the second plane had just crashed our party”, Nils Meyer recalls *. A traveling companion did not survive the disaster. Sarana Pelangi Agen Judi Domino QQ, Bandar Poker Dan Bandar Qiu Qiu 99 Terpercaya Seasia

“It was a nightmare.”Then there was a financial shock: Although the tour operators organized everything and took over the costs for accommodation and return flight. But the travel costs of about CHF 12’500 he did not want to refund. Only when Meyer intervened his lawyer, paid the liability insurance of the organizer. Thankfully, because of a legal dispute would have been expensive. And the fact that tour operators take out liability insurance, is not self-evident.With private travel insurance, Meyer would have saved a lot of trouble and only had a SOS address in Switzerland or from the first minute. The case shows: An insurance for such emergencies worth it. Because the go quickly into the money. For example, if you need a medically assisted return flight to Switzerland. “The flight from Johannesburg to Zurich with an ambulance would have cost about 3600 $,” said Rega spokesman Sascha Hardegger. The basic health insurance in Switzerland makes only a minor contribution. To search and rescue operations it is involved does not arise.A personal assistance, however, takes usually these costs. Even those that arise when you can not continue a journey because:A family member is seriously ill at home;A work colleague had an accident and you have to go back to work;The basement at home is under water or someone broke into the house;One gets sick and has to go to the nearest hospital;A natural disaster or a strike prevented the onward journey;The plane for the return journey fails;The passport or ID was stolen.Travel assistance insurance often also takes on the additional costs for unplanned nights, made necessary purchases on site, catering or supervised the repatriation of the children. Insurers have the Travel Assistance integrated as a building block in their travel policies. In the Zurich Insurance, Axa Winterthur and Helvetia can finish them separately as well.1 The extent to which insurance compensates search and rescue operations?Axa Winterthur, Generali and the furniture know no limits of compensation for rescue and recovery costs. All other see maximum amounts that may from CHF 10,000 (Helvetia, European Travel Insurance) to 30,000 francs (TCS, Zurich Insurance and Elvia) rich.2 What services does the society during natural disasters and strikes?Most pay the additional costs for the early return (TCS, Elvia Travel Insurance, Axa Winterthur, Zurich Insurance, Helvetia, the furniture and Generali), provided that one can continue the journey impossible.Consequential costs due to terrorist attacks or volcanic eruptions do not assume all insurers. The TCS will pay only if the incidents “for the lives and goods of the insured constitute a hazard and the Swiss authorities and / or TCS after booking travel in the corresponding countries advise against.” Generali restricts that the event of an official body must be confirmed or advises against the Department of Foreign Affairs of travel to that country. Some companies pay consequential costs for meals and accommodation. The scope of the service is restricted.3 Where the cost of the canceled travel reimbursed?TCS, Generali, Elvia, Helvetia, Zurich Insurance and Travel Insurance will not pay the cost of the unused portion of travel proportionately back, the furniture against it. Axa Winterthur covers this, if one has in addition completed cancellation insurance. Sarana Pelangi Agen Judi Domino QQ, Bandar Poker Dan Bandar Qiu Qiu 99 Terpercaya Seasia

4 What is the maximum coverage if one continues the journey?Depending on the insurance costs of about CHF 700 to 3000 are taken per person.5 What the insurance pays, if there is a break at home or the basement is under water?Zurich, Generali, Elvia, Helvetia and TCS will pay for the additional cost of the return journey, the amount of unused stay and costs of transport, accommodation and meals, if one continues the journey. Axa Winterthur pays back a pro rata basis, if you have completed cancellation insurance. The furniture does not pay anything, if one continues the journey. There are differences in the maximum amounts, which take over the companies.6 How much does the insurance if a transport failure?Either this case not insured (TCS), or only the extra return journey or the transport costs up to a certain amount paid to the cost of accommodation and meals. In case of delays, most companies do not pay anything.Any emergency you have to contact the insurance immediately. The number of the PSAP and the address of the company can be found in the small print. You do not adhere to the procedures established in this contract; you lose as a rule his claims. This is approximately the case if you organized an early trip home, without having spoken to the insurance company.Important: If you go on holiday with your car, you need separate vehicle assistance. For in such cases, all other services such as on-site assistance, replacement of parts, repairs, towing and recovery costs are required.

Sarana Pelangi Agen Judi Domino QQ, Bandar Poker Dan Bandar Qiu Qiu 99 Terpercaya Seasia